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Our Clients Review and Testimonials

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

FallanGod : I had been looking around trying to find a Laser hair removal place here in Vancouver that would do a Male Brazilian with out charging me an arm and a leg to do it. I'd almost given up hope until I found Visa and SkinPro Vancouver!

I've been extremally happy with my treatment so far! Visa is super friendly every time I go, and she never makes anything awkward or makes me feel uncomfortable (especially with what I'm getting done). She's really kind, and often asks me during the session how I'm doing and if the pain is too much. That makes me really happy as it show's that she cares about her clients and their well being.

I recommend Visa and SkinPro Vancouver to anyone who's looking for an amazing Laser hair removal treatment at an affordable price!!

Lusha : My skin feels smooth, and I like the massage you did on the scalp and shoulder during the treatment! Thank you very much! Just let you know, you have such a great personality, it's very nice to talk with you yesterday :)

Arinn : Had a great experience getting laser hair removal with Visa! She explained clearly what would happen during the service. It was super quick and way less painful than I expected. The location is central and easy to find.

Rebeca: Very pleased to have found this place. I got as a present a facial and loved it! Visa is great. I totally recommend her, she is now my favorite person to go for a facial. Plus she has a great deals for other services like laser hair removal. Will go again next month!

Laura : Visa was great at her job! Went in for an extraction and she did a great job! Very chatty and professional, telling you every step she is doing! Felt so relaxed with the massage. Would highly recommend this service and Visa.

Will definitely be back :) Thank you

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