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Acne Scars and Acne Scars treatment at SkinProVancouver

Collagen-induction therapy ( Microneedling) Collagen-induction therapy, also known as “micro-needling,” This treatment encourages your body to make more collagen from wound healing process.

Before performing this procedure, numbing cream will be applied to the area of treatment so you will not feel any pain from doing microneedling procedure. Then, a sterile, handheld needle-studded roller across the depressed acne scars and normal skin. This punctures your skin. As your skin heals, it produces collagen. Most people, however, notice gradual changes before nine months. Many patients require between three and six treatments and return every two to six weeks for a treatment. ( at SkinproVancouver, we recommend coming for this treatment every 4 weeks)

After each treatment, you may have some redness, swelling, tightness and possibly bruising.

These side effects usually clear within four to five days( mostly within a few days)

You will need to follow a skin care plan while undergoing treatment.

Research shows that this is a safe treatment for people of all skin colors.

Best for: Widespread depressed acne scars.

Not a treatment for raised acne scars, which form when the body produces too much collagen.

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