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The Perk of Laser Hair Removal

-No more waxing, plucking, ingrown hair, hyperpigmentation or dark skin from razor burns

-Relatively painless laser hair removal compared to waxing, plucking ( at SkinProVancouver we are using

-No downtown after laser hair removal : you can get back to activity you want on the same day!

-Cost effective : laser hair removal is a permanent hair reduction procedure which means that after a series of treatment, you unwanted hair will becoming less thick and took longer to grow or may not grow at all, you do not need to come back every month to get the hair removed, unlike waxing

-Get rid on ingrown hair

- Smoother and softer skin : your skin will be softer and smoother after every treatment

-Reduce hyperpigmentation from razor burns or continuous shaving and friction

-Quick process : even if you are super busy and do not have much time, laser hair removal takes only few minutes in small areas like chin, upper lips, face, hands to less than an hour in large areas such as whole legs, Brazilian or Bikini area. For medium areas such as half

legs or arms, the process might take only half hour. You can come for laser hair removal even at lunch time! Who said we don't have time to take care of ourselves!

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